Organic Content Marketing – A powerful tool to reckon with

Not so long ago, organic content i.e. the brand’s own content posted on their website in a variety of formats was the only content that organizations offered. Instead of having to pay for advertisements, brand content would naturally show up in feeds. With the social media algorithm changes making visibility of content challenging, we have been made to believe that any content that has not been paid for and strategically placed on social media is as good as dead. This blog looks at why organic content still rules and some ways organic content can be a tool to reckon with.

Why organic content is successful

Long form content is King– as opposed to ‘snackable' content which is what typically appears on Facebook, and twitter which lacks depth. And depth is what helps users get well-researched data, community views, and detailed specifications to finally zero in on the purchase.

Social media is constantly changing and evolving –tools, applications, algorithms used, policies make social media more transparent and provide more information. Not keeping up with the rapid pace of social media changes could mean the death of your content. Organic content generated on the company's website has a stable controllable ground, draws truly interested visitors and keeps them where you want them to be in the long term.

Relevant content is far more important than high traffic – in-depth articles with good data points and intimate knowledge of your targeted customer base offers content of value to your customers. Brian Dean of Backlinko is an SEO specialist. With fewer than 50 articles on his website but over 1,00,000 monthly visits from Google in a very short time, he is wildly successful- and it is simply because his articles are better than everyone else's.

Make organic content work for you

Share the responsibility of writing across the organization - Constantly generating stellar ideas and then developing them into great content is hard. Who better can contribute than those at the shop floor with direct contact with customers?

Hire creative writers with in-depth experience on the subject. Outsourcing content to inexpensive writers with no industry knowledge is akin to sacrificing great quality at the expense of great quantity. Customers will pass over your content and never look again.

Promote your content – according to Andy Crestodina "Good Content with great promotion will beat great content with good promotion…every time". Reaching out to people who can amplify your content using BuzzSumo and email marketing are two methods you can employ.


Paid media vs. organic content- it doesn't have to be one or the other. With paid social media having powerful advantages, an integrated marketing strategy is the need of the day. However, investing in good quality content in formats that is relevant to the targeted audience may reduce the need to excessively rely on paid social media.

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