Content is King, but distribution rules the land. Are you invested in it?

Given all the noise in the content marketing space, even high-quality content runs the risk of getting lost in the crowd. This is where the real hero of content marketing - Content distribution steps in. Content distribution refers to sharing content to large and targeted audiences through a variety of methods. Almost 50% of all the content that gets published have only eight social media shares or less and a major reason could be the lack of focus on content distribution. According to research by Altimeter, only 26% of marketers are investing in content distribution, even though more than half believe they need to. It's time to mindfully carve a spot for content distribution in your overall marketing strategy. Here are few aspects to consider while doing so.

Deciding on a paid or owned channel - A combination of these channels works best, and your overall marketing strategy should decide the path for investment into one particular channel over the others. Here is an example of how Intel pursues the paid channel in distribution. Intel's strategy is to publish blog posts without any initial media spend and then promote only those that gain some organic traction within hours of going live; a classic technique to go ‘viral'! Since about 62% of Intel's blog referral traffic comes from social, particularly Facebook, about 70 percent of the company's promotion spend is dedicated to Facebook.

Content distribution tools and apps – there is no dearth of tools, apps, and platforms that can assist in content distribution. Explore various options and their unique selling propositions to decide if an investment in a CDN app can give you the ROI you are seeking. Here are a few examples; platforms like Quora and Reddit (offers the best content for highly specific topics) are great to distribute content that helps establish your company as thought leaders. Tools like Sigstr can provide customised email signatures that drive traffic to specific landing page thus helping with conversions. Outbrain, on the other hand, is a biggie on the paid distribution channel network. Content is shared with huge media houses and in turn to interested audiences, increasing engagement while securing a wide viewership.

A strong pulse of your audience – Content distribution without intimate knowledge of your audience, is akin to shooting in the dark and calling whatever has been shot the target. Right from niche selection (depending on the brand) to platform selection, knowing who they are and where they spend their time in the digital world will determine the content distribution strategy to a great extent.

If a majority of the firms shifted their relentless focus from content creation to content distribution, the ROI could show remarkable progress. While a trial and error approach may seem appealing, being mindful and engaging a partner or third-party agency who is familiar with the industry the brand is a part of, could give a leg up to the marketing team who is not seeing the desired ROI.

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