Stories are the future of digital marketing

Once seen, the Google search engine advertisement of two long lost friends brought together by the power of the search engine is hard to forget. The story is about everyone, country, religion, cultures no bar. The engaging format, the superb actors, and the underlying subtle reference to by gone history are relatable and memorable. A good brand story tells everything without saying too much, arousing an audience’s emotions, casting a spell for those brief moments and urging them to explore more.. According to research in neuroscience, narratives stimulate the brain, even changing the way we act. Brand makers who have caught on have produced awesome content and have succeeded in building trust. Here are two powerful strategies for brands considering storytelling, to see a healthy return on investment.

When Brands tell stories, customers start to feel involved and feel emotions like excitement and faith. They are more likely to buy resulting in brands seeing a huge return on their investment, some fourfold, some a 1000 %. But storytelling has to be done right; in order to forge a connection with the audience, authenticity and simplicity of stories is essential. Patagonia, the outdoor apparel manufacturer developed a video campaign ‘The Stories we wear’ that casts several loyal customers vouching for the hardiness of the clothing; these testimonies and the stories behind them are simple and authentic, the closeness they share with this nearly indestructible gear is evident and it is this that instantly forges a connection with the audience.

Explore different mediums like documentary storytelling- Clare McDermott, the editor of Chief Content Officer Magazine, in her article published on May 30, 2016 on CMI, says “In my mind, there is not a more powerful – and more underused – medium than the documentary film”. Brand documentaries are long form, they usually involve the community and they are affordable. Stella Artois funded a documentary beautifully capturing the essence of hand painted billboards and the disappearing breed of artists who do this. The brand’s commitment to traditional craftsmanship gave it a legitimate reason to talk about this topic and they reused the content in their ad campaigns. Ensure the brand explores video content and channels the targeted audience voluntarily engages with to maximize returns on investment.

In conclusion, the future will not be just about storytelling; it will be about story making. It will require the right content partners who can help companies get this right. The story should be the foundation on which a future growth strategy is built. Coca-Cola with its radical stance against storytelling launched its ‘share-a-coke’ campaign with precisely this in mind. The brand is facilitating people in creating and telling their stories without the brand itself telling anyone anything!

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