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Content creation is easy and as these stats reveal, on the increase - According to the data from the Content Marketing Institute 88% of marketers use content marketing and another 76% note that they are on track to produce more content this year versus last year. With all of this it may be easy to assume that the content is on its way to getting what all marketers want i.e. increased sales and associated revenues. But according to the same data, only 30% of the marketers say that their organizations are effective at content marketing. This means that the results are not being achieved. Read on to see some of those great tactics firms undertake in order to create content that actually delivers results.

A well-documented Content strategy

Content that is born out of a documented strategy keeps the business goals at the center of it. Planning results in identifying the reason for the content, types of content, relevance to audience personas, frequency of creation, platform for hosting it and even help arrive at the decision to create it in-house or outsource. With such attention to detail, it is simple to adhere to the strategy and through that succeed at achieving business results.

Data – The center of content creation

A successful business uses data insights to make better decisions, including those on the kind of content they create. By basing decisions on data collected from customers' actions and competitor insights available through various online forums, and then intelligently combining it with insights of the sales teams, you can create fact-based content that directly addresses customer issues.

Content Ideation

Brainstorming ideas before content creation helps a team thrash out customer related issues, stay true to the strategy, be creative through some out-of-the-box ideas and think through the plan. By including metrics to track and measure progress, correction is made possible and revised and refreshed content that better meets objectives can help contribute towards achieving desired business results.

Organic content

Organic content still holds the power to bring in those results; provided it is qualitative. Content that answers questions and is written on evergreen topics have staying power. Engaging with readers (addressing comments posted) and posting new content regularly will drive web traffic that can get you ahead of paid social advertising.

With all of this, a firm will succeed in great content. But to take the game to the next level there are two critical activities to engage in: one- the content will need to be promoted across social channels; without creating visibility great content will get hidden. And two- constant monitoring of how the content is performing will help one understand whether it is helping to achieve the desired results or improve. Outsourcing content marketing and especially these two critical activities can save precious resources while getting the results they need to see. An outsourcing partner brings industry expertise with best in class practices which would help a firm’s executives focus on the strategy and leave the rest of the implementation at the hands of experts.

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