Tips to Keep the Content Strategy for the Technology Industry Audience – Centric

93% of firms have a Content marketing strategy and the singular goal is to reach, engage and convert the desired audience. However, competing priorities, an overload of online data and constant shift in consumer behaviours make a audience-centric content plan often difficult to implement. Technology marketers in particular struggle to find a way to engage with its audience through its content. Let’s see some of those challenges and the corresponding tips that can help implement a solid audience-centric content strategy

1. Unpredictability in a buyer’s journey

technology products or service are often not one-size-fitsall; therefore a firm may struggle to ply consumers with the content that align with a consumer’s unique priorities and challenges

Pro Tips

  • create content that provides ‘answers’ along with insights and information
  • Develop promotional content that appears at the right time on the right platform in the buyer’s purchase journey
  • Use user-generated content(UGC)that will showcase your offerings and builds trust

2. Competing information sources

uninspiring content with technical jargon available via tools such as podcasts, webinars, YouTube, social media sites make it difficult for Tech firms to fulfill the primary marketing goals of controlling perception and/or changing behaviour

Pro Tips

  • Focus on those channels that are core to the product or service’s values while paying attention to the conversations shaping into trends on other channels.
  • Invest in visual content like infographics
  • Use original content (vis-a-vis stock photos) in order to stay ahead of the search engines’ differentiating ability and preference to pick out original content

3. The pervasive nature of Influencers

In a commoditized industry like Technology, it is getting increasingly difficult to attract buyers leave alone loyalty among buyers. With similar products and features, product differentiation and uniqueness in service offerings may not be obvious to buyers. Today’s consumers tend to trust the recommendations of their ‘tribe', i.e. subsets of people interested in a niche segment usually led by a ‘leader’

Pro Tips

  • A mutually beneficial partnership with Influencers can help create content(through blogs, reviews, and tweets) that will reach your target audience from a respected and trusted source and influence them to take action( i.e. make the buy)
  • Content generated by an audience, in turn, feeds back into the Tech company and could lead to Technological evolution

Experts like Mark Schaefer believes we are approaching what is called the ‘Content Shock’- which he defines as the intersection between exponentially increasing online data and our limited human to consume it. Therefore it is even more imperative to create and deliver extremely relevant content that is not just consumed but sought after by your target audience. Outsourcing content marketing to industry experts can provide insights and a professional level of consistency that is essential for this type of long-term strategy.

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