Challenge: Strengthening thought leadership strategy to drive the global movement for rural upliftment.
Solution: Developed a new concept of 'Rubanomics' that aims to understand the economics and business models at play in rural markets.
Impact: This concept was very well received at the Harvard Social Conference and at TEDx Talks. A comprehensive Thought Leadership program and ecosystem is being built around this theory.
Challenge: Client's lack of knowledge in showcasing its thought leadership capabilities and the loss of potential value generating opportunities
Solution: Developed a comprehensive cross-functional thought leadership solution that could directly support their IT and business strategy. This program involved collaborating with leading universities, industry bodies, analysts and research firms throughout the world and served as a catalyst for best practices and insights.
• Increased brand audit scores for the client for thought leadership
• Substantial increase in web traffic for the company's thought leadership content
• Finalist in Key Marketing Excellence Awards alongside global industry leaders within one year of launch
Challenge: Creating a new positioning paper for their new global campaign.
Solution: Researched and collaborated with a leading outsourcing publication to create a positioning paper aligned with their global campaign.
Impact: The paper was targeted at Director level and was very well received. It successfully communicated the company's 'big idea' and added to their brand image as an industry leader.
Challenge: Positioning the company as being closely integrated with the country's culture
Solution: Developed a comprehensive corporate marketing strategy for branding the firm as a thought leader across technology, people, collaboration and innovation especially in the Indian context. The campaign involved engaging the key stakeholders: clients, prospects, government officials, key industry bodies, industry experts/independent thinkers, recruits, employees and the public at large.

The program included strategic executive communications such as bylines for senior company leaders in global and national publications, media panel discussions featuring industry experts and thought leaders, research collaborations with premier government bodies and select digital marketing campaigns.

i.      Substantial increase in company's brand awareness in India

ii.      Multiple door opening opportunities with key clients

iii.      Fostered new partnerships with key influencers

Challenge: Strengthening thought leadership strategy through compelling communication.
Solution: Completely revamped the communication strategy to make it more relevant and effective. Jointly developed innovative programs such as 'MyStory' session where leading entrepreneurs share experiences and best practices and 'Startup festival', an event that brings together thousands of budding entrepreneurs.
Impact: Positioned the network as 'the' hub for entrepreneurial activities.
Challenge: Developing an innovative thought leadership program for one of its sponsor companies
Solution: Created and marketed an innovative contest to identify the best ideas for helping companies cut costs or improve customer experience. The best ideas were chosen via an online voting process, and the final winners were selected by an expert jury panel.

i.      Good participation received worldwide

ii.      Leading corporations and academic institutions participated in the program

iii.      Created high visibility and media exposure for the client and its sponsor

iv.      Some of the best ideas were nominated for angel funding

Challenge: Increase readership of the publication by offering relevant and interesting branded content.
Solution: Employed content strategy to develop two columns on outsourcing that captured insights, viewpoints and best practices from leading industry and academic thought leaders on generating bottom-line revenue.
Impact: Based on Google Analytics, the branded content became some of the best-read articles on the publication's website
Challenge: Creating a global CFO study to determine the current FAO landscape.
Solution: Collaborated with a leading research firm for thought leadership, best practices, emerging trends, and strategies to develop a global survey targeted at major F&A stakeholders in companies from the Americas to Asia Pacific.
Impact: The study revealed the biggest FAO challenges, its evolution, highlighted buyer needs, and demystified the expectations of FAO providers thereby helping the client strengthen its brand image as an industry leader.
Challenge: Creating Thought Leadership around their core initiatives focusing on skill development and employment generation.
Solution: Leveraged content marketing in the form of byline series for their CEO. The articles established the foundation’s thought leadership and vision with respect to employment generation.
Impact: The articles have been published in leading media houses and generated good positioning for the company.
Challenge: Creating compelling content around the areas of cloud, mobility and analytics.
Solution: Developed articles, whitepapers and reports that showcase the publication’s expertise in the field.
Impact: The content has achieved ‘most read’ status for the year. The increased readership has strengthened its brand image as an industry leader.
Challenge: Building a strong Thought Leadership score for the energy, natural resources and utilities business unit.
Solution: Developed a first of its kind hybrid marketing collateral comprising a journal and an annual business report titled ‘ENU Review’. Featuring strategic content such as case studies, articles, research and surveys, the collateral helped project the company’s expertise. 
Impact: The Sales Team found the collateral an extremely useful tool in their meetings with clients. It helped the business unit showcase itself as a Thought Leader in its field thereby earning clients’ respect and trust.


"Karthik not only develops revenue-generating "horizon" ideas, but he knows how to bring them forward."

Rafiq Dossani- Chief Economist- RAND Corporation
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