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Corporate Positioning

What defines your brand?

We, at ThoughtStarters, help you sculpt your ‘soul’, also known as Corporate Positioning, using the tenets of Thought Leadership Marketing.

Contrary to creating an ‘image’, Corporate Positioning involves dissecting the corporate identity to its core, putting away the superfluous bits and retaining and building on the integral elements of brand identity.

This exercise crystallizes the identity of the brand inside out. Rather than advertising its values, the brand demonstrates them through its initiatives, products and services.

Such an approach results in a more credible brand image and hence greater market influence.

Influencer Engagement

As brand ambassadors are to traditional marketing, influencers are to Thought Leadership Marketing. Only, these are not de facto celebrities, but academics, research scholars, authors and analysts.

Influencer Engagement is a critical component of Thought Leadership marketing. Influencers, by virtue of their expertise, can impact and transform audience perception about a brand.

At ThoughtStarters, we specialize in understanding your game-plan and then choosing and engaging experts who can act as influencers for your brand. In fact, our studies have revealed that over 74% of marketers want to use Influencer Engagement as part of their marketing strategy. Moreover, 60% of the marketers believe that the messages delivered by influencers are more effective towards building positive brand perception than any other form of advertising.

Design services

Picture speaks a thousand words. Our design team has the expertise to create eye capturing designs for all marketing collaterals- logos, mailers, brochures, presentations, websites, app and more. Any design requirements, our team is well equipped to handle all requirements.

Research and Publishing

Thought Leadership Marketing is a knowledge driven approach towards branding. Research and Publishing, therefore, are an integral part of the brand building exercise.

We assist our clients in developing their knowledge base by setting up research councils within organizations and designing a research strategy and calendar.

Our vast network with the academia enables us to facilitate collaborations with leading research scholars and organizations. We even help our clients design and roll out surveys and joint research.

Our in-house editorial team helps collate the results and present them as reader-friendly reports, journals and whitepapers.

Content Marketing

How do you communicate your thought leadership to your audience? By engaging and educating them. This is best achieved through inbound marketing techniques, also known as Content Marketing.

Our in-house creative team not only specializes in creating different kinds of content for different channels, but figuring out which combination of content and distribution will work best for you.

From Online Content Syndication and Social Media promotions to Direct Mailer Campaigns, SEO, SEM and Blogs, we understand how to nurture a big audience for your 'Big Idea'.


"All of the professionals at ThoughtStarters are innovative, strategic thinkers. Karthik, in particular, envisioned two successful columns for our Outsourcing Center, both of which earned "most read" status in readership surveys."

Debra Floyd- COO, Outsourcing Center

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A leading global IT services
Develop a comprehensive cross-functional thought leadership solution that could directly support their IT and business strategy. This program involved collaborating with leading universities, industry bodies, analysts and research firms throughout the world and served as a catalyst for best practices and insights.
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